Our Team
We’re a dynamic team that strives to remain on top of the latest geographical developments.

Extensive File Library
Our library exceeds more than 10.000 unique files. City, County, Country, Continent and Worldmaps.

Custom Data
We can add additional data to our maps such as: Postcode data, Municipal data customized POI data.

Mapping Tools
We work with the very best software to either; create, enhance, geo-reference, geo-project the perfect map for you.

Recent Data
We’re enhancing our map data with the popular Open Street Map data sets for maximum map coverage.

A World of Maps
We can make any sort of map. Including: Print, JPEG, Vector, Excel, Google Maps and many others.

About Us

Rob Kersbergen


Founder and father of the company. Avid Game of Thrones watcher.

Jim Handstede

Graphic Designer

“Keep it clean and simple” is his motto. Ironically he loves to mess around with the office music.

Yuri Koole

Graphic Designer

Meet mister quality control. Makes sure every order looks just snazzy.

Toni Maat


Not only does Toni dream in code, he also speaks it fluently. Amazing.

Hester Wardenaar


Her bookkeeping is as solid as her love for flamenco dancing.

Cher Mountney

Logisitics Manager

Does everything in her power to deliver your map. No order gets left behind.

Cengiz Can


Could sell snow to eskimos if he wanted to. He doesn’t though. It’s not nice.


Office helper

Fills the office with even more love and affectionate licks.

Our Clients


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